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DJ Jigsaw
about me

With over a decade of experience in the SL world, DJ Jigsaw is an experience DJ and business man.

DJ Jigsaw is the type of DJ who is about making sure while DJing that he has the crowd either singing along or just chatting. He is the type that will do all that he can to get the guests/VIPs to bring their friends. As DJ Jigsaw is making sure the crowd is enjoying the tunes and is working to keep the flow going with more good feeling vibes. Just wants to make sure that while your in his presence that you know the tunes are going to well worth it and worth the time to listen to.

You can always listen to my station when I am not streaming as I loaded my music into it for always on music. Download any player file to keep the music going when I am not on.

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Denver, Co

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