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Website Completed

Website completed and now you can see the last 20 songs I have played either while DJing or when I am not DJing from my AutoDJ. I also have my schedule up as well so you can see when and where I will be.
If you want to reah me then please contact me via email, SL or by simply using one of the social media buttons on the right side.

Watch me live DJing

I am live streaming, DJing and just having a good time. Watch me as I DJ and just keep the crowd alive, chatting and just being a good SL DJ.

I have been enjoying the sets that you have been playing and I am glad to keep coming back.
Dragon NightWing (handsomemikey692014)


You can always listen to my station when I am not streaming as I loaded my music into it for always on music. Download any player file to keep the music going when I am not on.

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Denver, Co

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